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Going Technical

As a PhD student in Educational Studies with double specializations in Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning, and Innovative Learning Technologies, I find it crucial to merge educational theory with practical technical skills. This section of my portfolio showcases the intersection of my academic pursuits with my technical abilities. It's a testament to my belief that education in the 21st century is deeply intertwined with technology. Each skill not only enhances my research capabilities but also broadens my approach to educational innovation.

Programming Skills

Technical Skills:

I have technical skills encompassing data analysis and web development. I have leveraged Python, javascript, HTML and CSS knowledge to enhance research capabilities, and foster educational innovation. I used these skills to create this bilingual language learning chatbot my personal website, Inoussamalgoubri.com.com, and other websites, including Burkina English Teachers Association's website, a think tank Idées Burkina, and a learning platform E-learning Idées Burkina.

AI and Chatbot Development

AI and Chatbot Development:

I ventured into artificial intelligence, epitomized by the creation of Nerzanga, a bilingual chatbot tailored to engage and educate users. This project underscores my proficiency in developing AI-driven tools. Notably, JavaScript plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, enabling the integration of interactive features within the chatbot. This strategic utilization of JavaScript imbues Nerzanga with dynamism and responsiveness to user interactions. More about my understanding of AI can be found in this workshop presentation on large language models and ChatGPT.

Data Analysis Tools

Data Analysis tools:

In my academic journey, data analysis tools have played a pivotal role. SPSS facilitated early investigations into teaching methods and student performance, as seen in in this article research on the impact of digital audiovisuals in the EFL classrooms. In my PhD journey, I also learned R programming, empowering complex quantitative research on socioeconomic factors and educational outcomes, showcased in this study and another research article on teaching quality and students' support.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Data Visualization and Analysis:

The competence extends to data visualization and analysis, facilitated through Tableau. I have meticulously crafted interactive dashboards that serve as effective mediums for presenting and analyzing data. These dashboards contribute to informed decision-making within the educational domain. Furthermore, my JavaScript expertise is instrumental in creating interactive data visualizations on web platforms, further enhancing the accessibility and utility of data-driven insights.