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This section delves into the core of my research endeavors, offering insights into the innovative methodologies and diverse topics that define my academic journey. It showcases the passion and dedication behind my pursuit of knowledge in the field of education.

Research Methods

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Dive into the heart of my academic and educational research in this section, where I meticulously explore the methodologies and techniques that underpin my work. As a committed critical social scientist, I underscore the pivotal role of research methods in shaping and steering the outcomes of my educational research pursuits. I invite you to accompany me on this intellectual expedition as we unearth the profound philosophical underpinnings driving my mission to catalyze social transformation within the sphere of education.


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Explore the breadth of my scholarly portfolio, which includes a selection of rigorously peer-reviewed articles and manuscripts currently in press or under review. My dedication to academic excellence is exemplified through these contributions. Furthermore, my work has been acknowledged and showcased through numerous publications and presentations at esteemed conferences, reinforcing my commitment to advancing knowledge in education.