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An overview of my teaching philosophy, diverse classroom experiences, and innovative instructional methods.

My Teaching Philosophy

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Being a critical social scientist who champions the transformative paradigm and "principled eclecticism" in language instruction, I also have a strong inclination towards integrating technology into the learning process. My teaching philosophy prioritizes lifelong learning, active student participation, and the social aspect of education. I create a joyful and supportive classroom environment that harnesses the power of technology to enhance engagement, provide access to a wealth of information, and foster collaborative opportunities. This combination of pedagogical principles and technology integration ensures a dynamic and enriching educational experience for students.

Classes Taught

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My teaching journey encompasses a wealth of experiences in higher education, secondary education, and language centers. I have contributed to courses covering language methods, foreign language practicums, and multilingual learner education. As a teaching assistant, I have taught multicultural education, co-taught global issues, and international business. I have also designed tailored English for Specific Purposes courses for university students in different fields. My dedication extends to several years of teaching ESL at the secondary level, complemented by instructing French and ESL at language centers for diverse learners and a middle school principal.

Sample Activities

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I employ a range of engaging methods, including arts-based activities, to enhance student learning and participation. These diverse approaches encompass concentric circle speaking exercises, group activities, role-playing, detective games, and interactive "Find Someone Who" challenges. Additionally, I explore the transformative potential of AI in multilingual education, utilizing innovative tools like ChatGPT, Schemely, Curipod, and Classpoint to revolutionize language instruction for diverse learners while incorporating arts-based activities to inspire creativity and critical thinking.